First mobility term. (Bari, Italy)

Below you can find some information about finding a place to stay in Bari, which is going to be your first destination in your study programme.

Student accomodation (ADISU). This option will be available depending on Covid-19 regulations. You might be able to get share a room in one of the Campuses of ADISU in from September till mid October 2021. (price: 160-200 € per month). This can be a good option for an initial temporary stay if you have not found a suitable solution before arriving in Bari.

Private campus (Campus X Bari). The largest private campus in Bari with a shuffle bus service to all campuses/departments of the University of Bari. See info here

Other solutions in the private market. There are several services that help students in finding a suitable housing solution. The EGEI team in Bari will provide support but you can also look at some of the links reported here.

Second mobility term. (Ghent, Belgium)

to be added soon