If you need a visa to stay in Italy, remember that you will also have to apply for an Italian residence permit within 8 days after arriving in our country. A residence permit is indeed required when a foreigner stays in Italy for longer than three months.
The Master EGEI team at the University of Bari will assist you with preparing all the required documentation, which includes a couple of forms to be filled in and, among others:

A full copy of your passport (every single page, cover included)
A copy of your health insurance card
Accommodation proof
Financial proof
Enrolment certificate

All you need to do is visit any Italian post office and withdraw the required form known as “kit permesso di soggiorno” and fill it in with our assistance. The required documents will have to be put into an envelope and submitted to the local police station (questura) through a post office. At the end of the submission, the clerk at the post office will hand you three different receipts, which will be considered as your temporary residence permit.
When the police station (questura) has received your application, they’ll fix an appointment for you to complete the rest of the required procedures, which includes an interview for fingerprints (carry with you passport & ID photos). Eventually, they’ll hand out the plastic card you can see on this page. The whole process will cost you around 120 euros.