Economics of Global Interactions


Year 2024

EGEI WP Series, 1/2024: Nenci Silvia and Davide Vurchio (2024), A quasi-experimental approach to assess the causal impact of NTMs on GVC-trade

EGEI WP Series, 2/2024: Kalantaryan Hayk (2024), Towards Financial Stability: An Analysis of the Nexus between International Capital Flows, Financial System Stability, and the Effectiveness of Macroprudential Policy Interventions [EGEI Master Thesis]

EGEI WP Series, 3/2024: Dasbach Gero (2024), The EU-India Free Trade Agreement: Ex-Ante Trade, CO2 Emission, and Welfare Effects under the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism [EGEI Master Thesis]

Year 2023

EGEI WP Series, 1/2023: Mihails Hazans, Masso Jaan and Per Botolf Maurseth (2023), Human values and selection into supervisory positions: Evidence from nine European countries

EGEI WP Series, 2/2023: Coniglio Nicola Daniele, Rezart Hoxhaj and Hubert Jayet (2023), The most precious resource: time allocation of immigrants in the U.S.

EGEI WP Series, 3/2023: Koriukina Polina (2023), Economic Impacts of Overseas Labor Migration on Household Income and Expenditure in the Philippines [EGEI Master Thesis]

Year 2022

EGEI WP Series, 1/2022: Masso Jaan and Priit Vahter (2022), Joining and exiting the value chain of multinationals and the performance of suppliers: evidence from inter-firm transaction data.

EGEI WP Series, 2/2022: Marchal Léa, Naiditch Claire and Betül Simsek (2022), How Foreign Aid Affects Migration: Quantifying Transmission Channels.

EGEI WP Series, 3/2022: Brzozowski Jan and Nicola Daniele Coniglio (2022), The Effect of International Migration on Tax Morale in the Home Country: Evidence from Poland.