Enrollment Fees

From September 2021, tuition fees for the EMJMD EGEI will be:

2021/2023Erasmus+ programme countries (EU countries + North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, UK) €2,500 per academic year
2021/2023Erasmus+ partners countries (all other countries see here for more info) €8,000 per academic year

Tuition fees cover the following services:

  • teaching and examination fees
  • access to library and electronic resources
  • computing facilities
  • cost of short fieldtrips/ industry site related to a particular module, social events
  • language classes at each host institution (these courses are extra-curricular activities that are an integral part of the Master EGEI programme)
  • access to university facilities
  • global health insurance for the entire study period.

The following costs are not included in tuition fees:

  • travel to/from EMJMD EGEI hosting institutions
  • visa-related costs
  • residence permits
  • accommodation
  • personal living expenses
  • textbooks
  • personal computers

Cost of Living

Living costs vary between the various university cities you will visit during the EMJMD EGEI course.  Costs in Lille (France) and Ghent (Belgium) are relatively higher than those in the other study destinations (Bari, Italy; Xiamen, China; Santander, Spain; Valparaiso, Chile; Tartu, Estonia) .

As general guidance, Universities have provided the following estimates:

Hosting locationRent per month (1 room)Meal (inexpensive restaurant)Fitness club (month)Additional info
Bari (Italy)180-250 €5-10 €20-25 €info
Lille (France)200-250 €10-15 €25 €info
Xiamen (China)200-250 €3-5 €20-25 €info
Ghent (Belgium)250-350 €15-20 €25 €info
Santander (Spain)200-250 €10-15 €30 €info
Valparaiso (Chile)150-250 €5-10 €20-25 €info
Tartu (Estonia)150-200 €6-8 €30 €info

Students should be aware that these costs are approximate and it is possible to spend less with careful budgeting than the amount shown.

Check the cost of living using the Numbeo site (note: figures tend to overestimate true costs for students)

Possibility of Erasmus Mundus Scholarships covering the tuition fee + 1000€ monthly allowance + up to 7000€ contribution to be used for travel and installation costs (the latter depends on your nationality and country of last residence). Application for the scholarship is included in the online application.